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Who we are

Fitness! We bout that LIFE!
We are team of certified fitness professionals dedicated to getting you fit..and for you to live an overall healthy lifestyle.

We specialize in weight loss/gain, toning/tightening getting rid of that stubborn belly fat and overall fitness. Our Goal is for you to reach your Goal.

At the FAM we always encourage you to challenge yourself and out of your comfort zone so you can get the results you're looking for.


We are a fitness group that gives you more for less in a cool controlled judgement free environment where you get fit and have fun doing so.

We are a passionate team of certified fitness professionals dedicated to help you achieve your goals. You will be exposed to various activities such as hikes, dance fitness, pool training, weight training, 5k races as well as fitness bootcamps.

We are dedicated to satisfying members and providing services they look forward to, week after week, month after month and more importantly our real focus is on YOU.

What we do

At the Fit Addicts Movement, we ensure you're pleased.
We have lots of activities to keep your body moving!

F.A.M Boot Camps are High Intensity..Heart Pumping.. Motivated Workout Sessions.
Our sessions includes:
TRX (Total Resistance Exercise)Training 
Resistance Bands Training
Tire Flip Training 
Sled Training 
Battle Ropes Training 
And much more...

Catch one of the F.A.M Boot Camps from Monday to Thursday and occasional Saturdays.
Schedule doesn't apply on Public Holidays, contact us for more information.

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F.A.M Personal Training gives you that intimate one on one workout with the Fit Addicts Movement.
We bring all equipment to you either at the gym or home.
We guarantee results

We have our very own F.A.M Nutritionist, which we suggest you contact to obtain a personalized diet plan at a discounted rate, for registered F.A.M clients

Nutritionist: Zulema Charles 868.784.9332. Tell her Pablo said to call :D

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Employee Wellness Initative
Benefits of workplace wellness programs:
- Healthy employees tend to be more happy
- Productive employees provide the company with strategic advantages by investing in a program that will hopefully bring lowered expenses in return, lower absenteeism and health care cost improve the well being and job satisfaction, as well as raise retention rates build a sense of camaraderie amongst co workers

- Work out sessions 4 days/ week Mon to Thurs at QPS, Aranguez and Macoya
- Monthly weigh in sessions
- Zone wars
- Biggest loser group challenge
- Hiking
- Health tips, diet guidelines and fitness facts 

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F.A.M Benefits

In case you aren't convinced with our gym services yet, here are some of many benefits that you receive by signing up.

Meal Plan

You will receive a meal plan that will boost your results. Along with weigh ins to monitor your results.

Dance 2 Fitness Events

Exclusive access to Dance 2 Fitness events

F.A.M T-Shirt

Sport your F.A.M T Shirt to represent your fitness FAM-ily. To get more F.A.M Merch visit our store

F.A.M Discount Card

Benefit from getting discounts from our various sponsors like Pita Pit, Wendy's and so much more

Goodies from Sponsors

Get great goodies from our numerous sponsors. From Mech to healthy snacks

F.A.M Awards

This event is where we celebrate and appreciate our F.A>M memebers for their great effort made during the cycle

Corporate Responsibility

Fit Addicts Movement is dedicated to make the lives of the less fortunate better. Each month Fit Addicts Movement feeds families under the Feed a FAM Foundation, by contributing food stuff to the household.

If you would like to contribute to Feed A F.A.M please contact us

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